About Long River Farm

Here at Long River Farm in Old Lyme, Connecticut, we grow premium produce for our neighbors in Old Lyme and the nearby communities Connecticut River valley. The colonial-era farm overlooks Lord Cove and Goose Island in the lower reaches of the Connecticut River and its heritage dates back to the 1700’s, when, like most of New England, sheep and cattle grazed on open green pastureland. Now restored after decades of neglect, the farm and much of its original stone infrastructure functions again – with sustainable hydroponic systems and conventional irrigation fed by a natural spring that supplies an old stone cistern at the top of the hill to keep us going through the drier months of late summer.

Our commitment to growing premium produce begins with the pure, mineral-rich spring water straight from the source and continues straight through germination of our seeds, planting, harvest, and finally getting those beautiful locally grown greens on your plate. We want our customers to taste the difference between the factory-grown supermarket produce (genetically selected for transportability and shelf life, prematurely harvested, and abused over weeks on the road after growing thousands of miles away)and our produce (seeds selected for taste and nutrition, orders harvested ripe the day we deliver, and grown here in Old Lyme by a few guys named Ed and Walker). None of our produce is sold more than 30 miles away, and we aim to keep it that way. Less trucks on the road and no middle-men means fresher produce from our farm to your table.